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February 2020


Mrs Jobson put glue and germs on our hands
Yuk, germs!
Purple germs
We shook hands and the germs spread
They got everywhere!
Everyone caught germs
We need to wash our hands
We used soap and warm water.

We know germs are invisible so Mrs Jobson took us outside and used glitter to show us the 'germs' on our hands. Four children were given 'germs' using glue and glitter. We shook hands and the glitter was spread everywhere! The only way to get rid of the glitter was to thoroughly wash our hands with warm water and soap.

Mrs Jobson then should us how to wash our hands well and we all promised to follow the instructions to keep ourselves healthy. 

Movement Play

We enjoy playing a game called giggle belly.
We can belly crawl to PE.
We can work on our tummies.
During this half term we are taking part in special PE sessions called movement play. Our teachers know it is very important for us to master different movements. It will help with our other school work. The activities are fun and we really enjoy them although they do look a bit strange. 


Decorating our pots
Our pots
Spread the chocolate
Place the chopped strawberries on the bread
Enjoy your finished sandwich

This half term we are learning about instructions.

This week we have followed sets of instructions to make a cress head and a chocolate and fruit sandwich.

We have had lots of fun!