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Focus Week

This week it has been Geography Focus Week. The children in Nursery have been super busy learning all about different types of weather.

Our job on Monday was to look at the pictures of snow and sun and have a look at the different clothes the people were wearing in the pictures. Miss Fothergill then showed us a pile of clothes and chose children to come to the front and choose the correct clothing for the different types of weather and dressed up in them. Don't we look fab!!! 

On Tuesday we looked at the weather again and discussed what clothes we would need to wear again, but this time used the Interactive Whiteboard to drag the clothes on to the people cut out. The children used the computer confidently and selected the correct clothes for the people so that they were dressed for the hot and cold weather. What super stars! 

On Wednesday we had a look at the seasons and the different weathers we get in the seasons and then had a walk around school and looked at seasonal change. We looked at how the weather was colder, the leaves were turning brown and were falling off of the trees. We are really good at hunting for seasonal change.