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March 2020

Making Greenhouses

Making Greenhouses 1
Making Greenhouses 2
Making Greenhouses 3
Making Greenhouses 4
We have planted broad beans in mini greenhouses. The seed was hard and green. We have given our seed water, light and heat. We hope it will grow. 

Number Bonds for 20

Number Bonds for 20 1 We cut carefully
Number Bonds for 20 2
Number Bonds for 20 3 We tested our friends
Number Bonds for 20 4
Number Bonds for 20 5
Number Bonds for 20 6
Today we learnt the number bonds that make 20. We already know the bonds for 10 and we used then to work out the bonds for 20. We made a fact checker and then tested our friends. Mrs Jobson would only let us go home after we had told her the bonds. 

More movement play

More movement play 1
We love to draw laid on our tummy.

Addition to 20

Addition to 20 1 We are proud of our work
We can use our known number facts to solve additions to 20.  

A letter from a giant

A letter from a giant 1
A giant left a huge letter in our classroom. He wanted us to help him make a snack for his empty tummy. We are writing instructions for an enormous chocolate sandwich. 

Movement Play

Movement Play 1
Movement Play 2
Movement Play 3
Movement Play 4
During PE this week we played cow football. We had to crawl on our hands and knees and use our heads to move the balloon. Mrs Jobson was checking to see if we were crawling correctly. We were just having fun!