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Minibeast Day

As this week is Miss Jessop's last week, and to finish our wonderful topic of life cycles, we decided to to have a Mini-Beast party. In the morning we made ourselves a hat, selecting different insects and drawing them, cutting them out and sticking them on to hats. Then after lunch we made and ate yummy fruit kebabs. The children did so well with this knowing to wash our hands before so we didn't get germs in our tummy. We spoke about the importance of eating healthy and how fruit gives us vitamins. I then handed out the fruit and the children made their own caterpillar fruit kebabs. As I handed it out I was amazed by how the children were chatting to one another using mathematical vocabulary and counting the fruit on their plates. After making and eating our yummy kebabs we did a tally chart of who liked which fruit best and the children could identify that grapes were the most popular fruit! After that we went in to the little playground and played so many Mini-Beast games with Rowan class. All the children and the teachers had so much fun. What a wonderful party.