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September 2019

Zoolab visit

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Eleanor from Zoolab came to visit Year 1 with her animals.


First, she let us hold the giant African snail called Shrek. He was 2 years old and ate grass, lettuce and soil with his thousands of teeth. 

"He's slimy and muddy." Jude

"I can see his eyes. He is looking at me." Billy


Next, we held the giant African millipede called Diesel. He had 350 legs! When he gets scared he curls up and pretends to be an animal poo. 


After that, we touched the corn snake, Sisi. She has 10,000 muscles. 


Then, we looked at Florence the tarantula. We were happy she  stayed in her cage. Do you know that tarantulas only eat once a week and can sit still for a very long time? 


Finally, we stroked Cloud the rat. She did not sit still and climbed all over Eleanor. 


We had a super time!