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Welcome toFive Lanes Primary SchoolA Caring Place To Learn And Grow

Early Years Foundation Stage

Welcome to our Five Lanes Foundation Stage. We are the Nursery and Reception classes.

In our Early Years setting...

We believe that children learn best when they feel happy and secure and are taught in a meaningful and purposeful way, alongside opportunities to actively engage in rich and varied learning experiences. Our practice is child-centred and learning through play is at the heart of what we do. We focus on the needs and interests of individual children and through our observations and high quality interactions we are able to build on what they, as unique children know, within our planning. We know that children learn best through actively engaging with the world around them, through exploring and participating in challenging experiences and when their levels of well-being and involvement are high. We have therefore committed ourselves to providing stimulating and enabling environments, both indoors and outdoors, to support children’s learning and development. Our aim is to ignite children’s innate curiosity and enable them to become independent individuals who enjoy learning, are willing to take risks and make progress and achieve. We work in partnership with parents and carers to build positive and supportive relationships, that enable our children to achieve their full potential whilst feeling a valued member of our ‘Five Lanes Family’.

Our curriculum drivers are...

  • Communication and Language - we wish for our children to have effective speaking, listening and understanding skills.


  • Toileting - we wish for our children to independently use bathroom facilities and to practice high standards of personal hygiene and self-care.


  • Independence - we wish for our children to be equipped with the necessary skills to enable them to be independent learners, thinkers and explorers.


  • Fine Motor Development - we wish for our children to develop secure and strong muscles in their hands and wrists, and in turn make confident writers.


  • Real life experiences - we wish for our children to learn about the world around them through carefully planned 'hands on' experiences.

Parental Feedback...

“From the moment we were shown around the school by Mrs Clarke, we instantly knew we had chosen the right school. After minutes of being in the school, it was like our daughter had always been part of the school community. She settled in really well, and the teachers made her and us as parents feel really welcome. Our daughter loved every minute of Reception, especially her teachers! She came home every night so happy, and excited to go again the next day.”



My first day in Reception.

Pupil Voice...

A Reception child shared, "I'm proud of getting star of the day." "Because I get things right and help everyone."



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