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Learning From Home

Please see our 'Resources' section for fabulous links for Learning At Home.


The British Museum


During lockdown you can visit the British Museum virtually and access its enormous wealth of knowledge. It has created an interactive learning tool to allow you to visually explore history across the five continents through its artefacts; Asia, Africa, Americas, Europe and Oceania which goes from modern day all the way back to 2000 BC.


In it, you can pick from themes such as art and design, religion and beliefs and trade and conflict to allow kids to learn from all aspects of the artefacts and information currently housed in the museum. It’s suitable for KS2 and above.





Horrible Histories is a core part of the BBC's curriculum based learning programme. It will hopefully have a double role of bringing some education but also some much needed uplifting comedy! Please check out this invaluable resource!


BBC Bitesize is also offering lots of fantastic online History lessons!  Each programme is 20 minutes and there are six a day from the BBC, with lessons available for students from KS1 to GCSE level.

Covering topics across local, national and international history, subjects you can expect on offer include Tudors and Stuarts, the Roman empire, the cold war and Vietnam, the British empire and more. 

Lessons can be accessed all the way back to April too, so there’s plenty of choice.