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Lockdown '21 - Horrible Histories is a core part of the BBC's curriculum based learning programme. It will hopefully have a double role of bringing some education but also some much needed uplifting comedy! Please check out this invaluable resource!

What is History?

History is an exciting time for children to find out about what has happened in their lifetime and before. When they are very young, it's simple things such as talking about; what happened yesterday, a week ago, which toys they played with when they were babies and comparing these toys with ones that they play with now. As they grow, children become more inquisitive and ask questions about how, when and why things happened, amazing historical questioning.

Here at Five Lanes Primary we want to inspire the children’s curiosity about the past and that of the wider world. We aim for our teaching of history to help pupils to ask perceptive questions, think critically, and develop perspective and judgement. We firmly believe that history helps children to understand the complexity of people's lives and the process of change. They will develop skills of historical enquiry, will gain perspective by placing their own knowledge into historical context and be able to use a range of different evidence.

In Foundation Stage the children are taught about changes within living memory. In Key Stage One, they study national events that are beyond living memory such as the Great Fire of London and the first Moon landing.

In Key Stage Two, we teach history through topics such as the Romans, Ancient Greece and the Stone Age. These topics are usually taught through a cross-curricular approach and often incorporate writing skills, art and drama. Where possible we encourage visits and visitors to enhance the children’s learning. We celebrate the children’s achievements in history both at home and at school in assemblies and on walls in classrooms.


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