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Maths at Five Lanes!

Intent Statement

At Five Lanes, we passionately believe that mathematics should be fun and rewarding for all children. As such we endeavour to make our work in mathematics engaging for all learners.

We start every day with arithmetic maths sessions. For twenty minutes we focus on a number of Schofield and Sims arithmetic questions to reinforce and consolidate the arithmetic skills that have been previously taught. We believe that this plays an important role in the children becoming fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics and develops the children’s ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately. 

Our curriculum is mapped by the Power Maths scheme of work. We focus on a progression from concrete resources, to pictorial representations and finally into the numerical abstract to aid our children’s conceptual understanding. As a result, we are seeing a growth in confidence in all our learners, especially in areas of problem solving and reasoning.

We use the Yorkshire and Humber Maths Hub’s ‘Same Day Intervention’ (SDI) model to structure every maths lesson. This model is designed to enable pupils to “keep up” not “catch up”. Every lesson begins with the teacher modelling the learning using an ‘I do, you do’ approach. Pupils are then given time to answer questions independently. The teacher then has time to mark the children’s work and group the children based on how they answered the questions. The aim is to give extra support to the children who require it, ensuring all children reach a certain level of understanding by the end of the lesson. This prevents an achievement gap from forming. Whilst the teacher addresses misconceptions with the intervention group, the teaching assistant supports the rest of the class in deepening their understanding of the concept through reasoning and problem solving.


TT Rock Stars is used enthusiastically from Y2 to Y6 with children taking part and competing in National Times Table Rock Wrangle competitions. The children at Five Lanes are amongst the quickest in the city with their Times Tables.


We love our Maths learning here at Five Lanes! Explore our Maths web pages to find out more!