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                                   Music at Five Lanes!


Intent Statement


At Five Lanes we understand that music plays an integral part in every child’s creative education. We know that children develop self-confidence, self-esteem and a sense of mental health wellbeing through listening to and creating music. We also know that research says that this can have a positive impact on learning in other subjects.

Music is planned in-line with the statements laid out in the National Curriculum. Music is planned with cross-curricular links where possible, with Charanga, BBC Ten Pieces, Voices Foundation, Sing Up and Oak National Academy Music being used to provide support, resources and to enhance music teaching. Charanga provides many examples of music styles and genres from different times and places. These are explored through the language of music via active listening, appraising, performing and composing activities, which enable understanding of musical context and genre.


Through our music lessons children are actively involved in a wide range of musical opportunities, both in and out of the classroom setting. Children develop their singing voices, use body percussion and whole body actions, and learn to handle and play classroom instruments effectively to create and express their own and others’ music.

Ten Things Schools should know about Music - Music Mark

We are an LMEP Music Champion School!

 In recognition of  Five Lanes' ongoing commitment to music education, and the opportunities for music making afforded to all pupils,  we were awarded LMEP Music Champion School status in June 2018.

We are very proud to have maintained this status since then.


In this inaugural round, Five Lanes was one of only six primary schools to achieve this recognition.