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Eco Club

The Eco-Club was set up not only to make children more aware of environmental issues around the world, but encourage them to be active members in making Five Lanes Primary School more environmentally friendly. Whilst the club has only been running for 3 weeks, we have channelled out attention towards the importance of recycling. The children have analysed how waste is impacting our planet and spent time thinking about all the materials we currently waste including food, paper, cardboard and plastic.

We have begun designing recycling bins for specific materials with a plan to place these around the school. Our focus materials to recycle include paper, glass, cardboard, plastic, batteries and food. The children chose these after thinking about the materials we use every day at school and realised that we could do more as a school community to recycle instead of throwing them away. They have decided to design the bins using bold colours to not only encourage other children to recycle, but to inspire them to also become Eco-Warriors in the future.