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Pupil Voice

We asked children 'What is History?'


"History is something where you go back in time and tell time. You get to tell people about old thing and ancient times." Eddie Y2


"History is learning about the past. We learnt about people fighting in the war." Ebony Y2


'It's when you learn about things that happened a long time ago.' Ava Y3


'It's basically what has already happened like in the 1970's and 1980's. We can learn from that.' Freya Y4


'It's learning from the past like what happened to Mary Seacole and the Victorians and Greeks.' Laila Y5


'It's a subject where you learn what happened before you were here. You learn from others in the past.' Fintan Y6




We asked children 'What have you enjoyed doing in History?'


"I really enjoyed learning about Gaudi and how he lived." Holly Y2


"I liked learning about Guy Fawkes." Rile Y2


'I liked doing the cave art.' Cody Y3


'I enjoyed learning about the mummies and the tomb raiders.' Jayden Y4


'I enjoyed doing the Art work on the Ancient Greeks.' Luca  Y5


'I enjoyed it when we learned all about the lives of different people like Barrack Obama and Rosa Parks.' Fintan Y6