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Pupil Voice

History Pupil Voice 2022-23

We asked children 'What is History?'


"History is things that happened in the past." Jude Y1

"History is learning about the past to improve your knowledge and it helps us now." Dylan Y4

"History is when different year groups learn about different parts of the past and you talk about how it links up." Libbie Y5

"History is when you look at the world and it helps us for the future. It is important to know what life was like." Spencer Y6




We asked children 'What have you been learning about in History?'


"Rosa Parks got arrested from the bus because she said no." Aria- Reception

"We wear poppies to remember the people who died in the wars." Evie-Reception

"We have been learning about famous explorers." Edith Y1

"We have been learning about Guy Fawkes and the Great Fire of London." Alana Y2

"We have learnt about the Stone Age and the different periods in the Stone Age." Logan Y3

"We have studied the Ancient Egyptians, Tutankhamun, how they made mummies and how they built the pyramids." Dylan Y4




We asked children 'What have you enjoyed doing in History?'


"We have written questions for Sinitta the astronaut." Edith Y1

"We enjoyed dressing up and doing our assembly on the Stone Age." Max C Y3

"I liked going outside and finding assets to survive in the Stone Age." Layla Y3

"I enjoyed learning about the Gods and Goddesses and what they put in the canopic jars." Holly Y4

"I enjoyed learning about the war between Athens and the Persian army." Harry Y5

"I enjoyed learning all about the Maya civilisation and looking at the architecture." Spencer Y6

"We've done lots of History topics at Five Lanes like Romans, Vikings, Stone Age, Egyptians and The Great Fire of London. I've enjoyed them all!" Leila Y6


We asked children "Is there anything that you'd like to learn about in History?"


"I'd like to learn about dinosuars." Edith Y1

"I've watched 'Horrible Histories' and I'd learn to learn about the Tudors."  Sam Y2