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On 7th May 2021, we took part in the NSPCC Number Day! This involved taking part in the excellent 'NSPCC Rocks' one day event organised by the awesome TT Rock Stars! Our TOP 3 Classes (bands) were; 1st Place Y5 OAK, 2nd Place Y6 BEECH and 3rd Place Y4 SYCAMORE! Well done everybody!

Times Tables Rock Stars Launch Lesson or Assembly

Play this video to the pupils in the launch lesson or assembly.www.ttrockstars.comFollow us on:Twitter: Plus: https://p...

Year 3 TT Rock Stars Lunchtime Club - Wednesdays and Fridays 12.30-12.55!

What Do Year 3 Think of the TT Lunchtime Club?


We love our TT Lunchtime Club! The children have boosted their TT ability so quickly! Mrs Howie

I liked the music - it helped me to concentrate! Ava


I got my speed up and it's a cool way to spend my lunch time! Riley H


The rock music was great! We went on 'Festival' and scored 43! I'm a 'ROCK HERO'! Carla

Will YOUR name appear on our Five Lanes TT Hall of Fame?